Why Mark Nordlict Supports SAR Academy

In 1969, three Jewish day schools merged to form SAR Academy.  SAR Academy was born out of a desire to teach to the individual child, knowing that each child possesses a unique worth as well as a distinct potential for personal achievement.

This Modern Orthodox day school supports educational programming that fulfills its central goals:

  • To foster a community of b’nai and b’not torah who are sensitive, caring students respectful of their peers, teachers, and environment
  • To advance and develop each student towards a value of and proficiency in Hebrew language, Judaic Studies and General Studies
  • To raise students’ connection to Hashem (Ahavet Hashem and Yir’at Shamayim, love and fear of G-d), commitment to Talmud (ancient commentary on the Torah), observance of mitzvot (commandments), and love for Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel)
  • To reach, follow, support, and challenge each student to make sure he or she reaches his or her individual potential

What sets SAR Academy apart from other schools may very well be its integration of cutting edge educational methods with traditional Jewish values.  While ancient Jewish texts undergo a sort of pop-culture interpretation/take-over, SAR Academy roots its pedagogy in embracing the potential of each student— in itself, an explicit tenet of Judaic studies.  In recent years, books such as “The Blessings of a Skinned Knee”, by Wendy Mogel, PhD and blogs offering up simplified Talmudic teachings about parenting have popularized what teachers and parents in the SAR community have always embraced.  From the SAR Academy website:

With high standards for our students, SAR educates the whole person: providing our students with the tools they need to reach their potential both as human beings and as learners. We view SAR as a cushion for the students, encouraging them to take risks, to be creative and to develop their skills.

The view of SAR as a “cushion” is a perfect example of Jewish tradition.  Parent involvement at the academy further exemplifies the ingrained support system.  Parent-Teacher Council (PTC) organizes a variety of fundraising, educational and social events.

SAR Academy
Jesselson Campus
655 West 254th Street
Riverdale, NY 10471

To find out more about SAR Academy, visit www.saracademy.org.

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