Why Mark Nordlicht Supports Chai Lifeline

Mark Nordlicht supports Chai Lifeline with regular donations because the organization focuses on helping children coping with pediatric illnesses and their families. Chai Lifeline has several programs that help families work through the emotional , social and financial needs of seriously ill children. One of the focuses of Chai Lifeline is to bring joy back into the childrens’ lives through family-focused programs and activities.

Chai Lifeline, which has family centers in New York, Illinois and Florida, strives to give hope to their young patients, families and communities. The organization provides education to community members and also offers opportunities for them to get involved in helping families with ill children. Chai Lifeline provides continuous free support to every family throughout their child’s illness, recovery and beyond.

Chai Lifeline
151 West 30th Street
New York, NY 10001

Learn more, volunteer your time, or make a donation today to Chai Lifeline.

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